Electricity Tip for the Week: Inquinnè Trading CC, Alberton Gauteng,

With the constant increase in electricity fees, it is time to invest in product to save money where we can.

The leading product – Geyserwise.

It is well known that 40% - 50% of all electricity is for warming up water. With Geyserwise no one should ever be in a situation of having to use cold water, the worse would be waiting a few min, yes in less time than boiling a kettle of water you would have warm water, after you manually switch on the unit.

Remember to manually switch it off again.

This action will not reset your daily timer. You can determine your own timer setting according to your personal activities.

It is the one simple solution I recommend to all clients. An effective device that monitor, control and regulate your geyser settings. With four daily timers that can be set to control temperature adjustments and power savings.

If used correctly, Geyserwise can save you up to 50% of your water heating bill each month, and as the geyser is one of the biggest electricity users in your home, the savings can be substantial.

Geyserwise will effectively pay for itself in the first six months or less, depending on your water consumption.

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