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Dewet Scholtz from Inquinne Trading is qualified to install and maintain Electrical Fencing according to latest regulations. It is each person's responsibility to obtain the Certificate and present it to government official on request.  Many insurance claims are being rejected to non complaince.


  1.  Non-compliant electric fences not only place homeowners at risk of insurance claim rejection, but the homeowner may also be held legally liable for any injuries inflicted upon others. Any legal liability claim resulting from non - compliance with legislation will be excluded from cover under the homeowners insurance policy.
  2. t is thus in your own interests to have your existing electric fence installation certified, rather sooner than later. Yes, it could very well cost you now, but measured against an insurance claim repudiation and or civil claim cost, is it worth the risk not to?
  3. Regrettably, out of desperation to save money, some property owners have recently turned to “bakkie brigade” installers to acquire a quick and “cheap” Compliance Certificate.
  4. Should you follow this route, beware of the pitfalls as this action has now cost some property owners / sellers dearly.
  5. As with some purchasers querying the validity of their electrical certifications, many more now query the validity of their electrical fence Compliance Certificates.
  6. This is quite simply due to electrical fencing being that much more visible, masses of information on the internet and insurance company requirements.
  7. Various insurance companies have recently started repudiating burglary and fence damages claims due to electric fences NOT meeting legislative requirements in terms of their EFC’s.
  8. All of this has ended in messy litigation with everyone suing everyone else.
  • Since the enforcement of the "new" Electric Fencing Legislation from 1 December 2012, there have been more civil lawsuits than in the entire history of electrical compliances


  • Do your homework. Make sure you appoint an accredited and registered installation company who knows what they are doing to certify your fence, or you are going to end up paying dearly for that electric fence.
  • The use of disreputable electric fence installers presents a hazard to property owners by placing them at risk of unforeseen financial expenses in the form of legal costs or insurance claim rejections.
  • Remember the legislation is there for you, the consumer. It is there to protect you, ensuring that you get an installation that meets the highest standards, protecting you and your family.
  • Know who you are dealing with - Know what you are getting

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