Professional, Cambridge Delta-qualified teacher offering preparation courses for IELTS. Courses are flexible to fit participants' needs.

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The syllabus for these IELTS courses are based on Cambridge English. There are two options: i. an 8-week course for learners who are at CEFR B1 & B2; ii. a 4-week course for learners who are at CEFR C1. However, the courses are flexible and a negotiated syllabus is followed. Learners' needs and proficiency levels are always the starting point.

About me: I have been teaching in various contexts for nearly fifteen years. The last six years or so I've been specialising in exam classes (all the Cambridge suites, TOEFL, and of course IELTS). I've chosen to focus on IELTS as it is my favourite proficiency exam to teach and because it's become one of the most popular exams in the world today. I've been fortunate enough to have worked with IELTS examiners, getting an 'insider view' so to speak.

As for qualifications, I have the full Cambridge Delta (all three modules) and am currently finishing my M.A in Professional Development for Language Education. The programme is offered by the Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE) in collobaration with the University of Chichester, UK. My main focus on the M.A is Learner Autonomy, a key component on any proficiency exam. My specialism for the Cambridge Delta Module 3 was 'Teaching Exam Classes'.

Finally, while proficiency exam courses can be demanding, they can also be a lot of fun and in many instances, life-changing.

Jerome Murray