Huckleberry Inn

Huckleberry Inn, Shared Self-catering Lodge in Caledon, offers Affordable, Comfortable, and Flexible Accommodation options.

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Built in 1902 with original Oregon floors, doors and sash windows, Huckleberry Inn at Caledon has the characteristic ‘stoep’ (verandah) to relax in and to enjoy sundowners. It is an affordable Inn(Backpacker) which will entice you to stay and explore the surrounding sites.

Caledon itself, which is now over 200 years old (1811 – 2011), has the well-known natural hot mineral springs in the grounds of The Caledon Hotel and Casino, there is the wild flower garden with many fynbos species; hiking trails; mountain biking trails; 4 X 4 adventure; horse riding; bird watching esp. Blue Cranes; barley; wheat; oats; and wine farms with wine tasting tours; sheep and cattle farming, and many historical museums and places to explore

Huckleberry Inn at Caledon awaits you with a heart-warming welcome, your hostess, Verna Watton will assure your stay will be a memorable one, she has hands on knowledge of the surrounding area but will take care of your needs while staying over at Huckleberry Inn. Ask about the special discount applicable for the Caledon Hot Spring baths for her guests.



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    About us Built in 1902 with original Oregon floors, doors and sash windows,...

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