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Everything you need for the perfect South African holiday. We have the best accommodation, travel agencies and interesting places to see and things to do.

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Holiday World is your comprehensive website for holidaying in the Garden Route of South Africa with the fantastic beaches, mountains, forests, trails and gardens not to mention world famous golf courses. Here you will find only the best places to stay, best places to visit and everything that you need to make your holiday a five-star trip. We have found, for your pleasure, the top rated hotels, guest-houses, bed & breakfasts and lodges to make your stay a carefree and luxurious stay. Here you will find top class golf courses to play, interesting places to visit, reliable car-hire firms and international holiday-agents to arrange everything to your satisfaction. We have also researched some interesting stuff too and naturally we have called it ‘Interesting stuff’, so have a look at that as well. Here you will a comprehensive site for each of the hotels, golf clubs, holiday agents and so on that I encourage you to visit – and even leave a comment if you like – before making a decision about where you would like to stay. Please remember that each of these sub-websites are places that we have chosen because of the quality of the accommodation, great rates and fantastic experiences of our visitors. Once you have decided on where to stay, check out our associated holiday-agents for the best rates available, and then don’t forget that hire-car from the best value car-hire that have found for your convenience. We have a list of great value accommodation, holiday, golfing, car-hire but it is also the best quality too.