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Hedgehog Books South Africa is all about the publishing and sales of South African authors. We stock signed copies of novels by South African authors which can be purchased on this website and will be posted free of charge within Southern Africa. Many people will ask if there is a need for a company like Hedgehog Books when there are publishing houses such as Random House, Penguin Publishing and many others who have international marketing penetration. The simple fact is that if you write a good book, good enough for a publishing house to accept for consideration, then you will have roughly one in two thousand chance of getting an international publishing contract. The big publishing firms are just so cautious about taking on new authors, especially if their work is in any way similar to any already famous author that getting a start is almost impossible. The end result is that there are thousands of very good novels that will never see the light of day: Except of course if the authors pursue their own publishing ambitions which have a whole new set of pitfalls. The number of authors being caught up in the ‘Vanity Press’ or ‘Subsidised Press’ publishing scandals is staggering. And the sad truth is that 99% of these are nothing more than money-making schemes for those firms. I know of so many authors with books that have been ‘published’ by these firms and thier novels being ‘made available’ by them only for the sales never to happen. And the reason for this is simply that without a sales outlet that actively markets the author’s work, no sales are going to take place, resulting in these 'publishers' making a lot of money, but the authors being left holding a dozen copies of their often fine novels which they end up giving as gifts to their friends. What makes Hedgehog Books different is that our primary goal is the promotion and sales quality novels, signed by the authors, and to create a profitable outlet for their work. We will, if needed, bring our publishing expertise into play to have unpublished manuscripts critiqued, edited and printed at the best possible price and quality so as to help these authors with their dream of being a published AND profitable writer. We believe that we can achieve this and perhaps help the author become such a known name that getting that all important second or third manuscript accepted by the British or USA main-stream publishing houses. Each author has his or her own page (mini website) on Hedgehog that allows them to promote their work, interact with readers and create their own following. Please feel free to visit these sites and ‘Like’ them before to leave.