Alzheimer's - A long and winding road

We all expect our parents to lose some memory, but when there are other things happening like items being misplaced, common words being lost, short term memory disappearing, irrational decisions, illogical thought processes, personality changes and more happening, one starts to wonder.

My mother refuses to get free memory testing, which is due to the fact that she herself is a medical professional with sixty years experience. She really does not want to know, whereas, I belive in having the information i.e. facts in order to fight back.

Ignoring something will not make it go away, however, one cannot change someone's character and I have decided to live "one-day-at-a-time". Most residential facilities for Alzheimer's/Dementia DO NOT offer nutritional supplements.

Mom has started on the Coconut oil - preferably organic, if you can afford it. (2TBS twice a day is easily done), if used on toast, in porridge and for all cooking. It seems to be staving off more memory loss and was suggested by a Dr Mary Newport (see YouTube), whose husband developed Alzheimer's.

Many researcher's believe that Alzheimer's is a third type of diabetes where in a nutshell, the brain becomes starved of glucose. Coconut oil is able to convert ketones into a form of glucose available to the brain.

It takes about ten years to develop so there are early signs, but some folk may deteriate over a very short period. In the end wtih brain shrinkage of up two-thirds, there is massive destruction of neural tissue and brain structure, so the time to do something about it, is when the first symptoms appear.

ROSEMARY WINE is another easy addition and rosemary scented oil diffusers/candels/aromatic oil is highly recommeded, as are vitamen B12 injections, or tablets (Neurobium), vitamen E (high doses) as full of anti-oxidants and omega's and so on. I shall endeavour to add the huge amount of material I have compiled.

To make; Take one liter white wine and put into a screw top glass bottle. Add six sprigs of fresh Rosemary and leave to stand (window sill) good, for a few weeks. A glass a day is recommended. Has a pleasant herby taste! So buy a box or two, so that you can have a constant supply.

Today, 1-in-5 people are being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, a form of dementia affecting over 70% of over 65 year olds. It is the silent epidemic that is passing us by unnoticed, but I believe that it was caused by decades of medical and health professionals telling our parents and our 40, 50 something's to eat low cholesterol diets.

Margarine and sunflower oils were held up to be the epitomy of good eating products. However, the health industry forgot to tell us that cholesterol has many vital functions in our bodies and that we needed to ensure that we had good HDL cholesterol and where that was found. In "white" fats like coconut oil!

Recently I learnt that over 80% of the cholesterol in our bodies is stored in our brains. So to my mind it must have a function that is protective of the neurons in our brains. End stage sufferer's end up with brain shrinkage of two-thirds, but I am not giving up so easily. There is always hope if the body is constantly renewing itself, so my focus has been on researching all the nutritional supplements available.










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    We all expect our parents to lose some memory, but when there are other things...

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