Stunning self-catering cottages in Hamburg, one of South Africa's largely undeveloped - and most beautiful - gems.

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A paradise for birders, anglers, canoeists, hikers - or those who just love relaxing in beautiful surroundings. Founded in 1856, Hamburg is one of the few coastal villages that have escaped the commercial development that has spoiled so many of our coastal gems.  A pub on the estuary, a trading store and liquor shop ... no traffic to speak of ..... that's about it as far as the town goes. Hamburg is also home to the renowned Keiskamma Trust - a development oranisation that includes amazing fabric art and a youth music academy. We have three cottages from which to choose.

THE OLD HOUSE looks over the sea and has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a fantastic outdoor area under a giant Milkwood wiht a braai (barbeque) and traditional pizza oven. 

THE BARN also looks over the sea and is a cozy nest for two - with a mezzanine level bedroom. An added treat is a double bed on the upstairs deck where you can sleep to theh sounds of the waves.

RIVER VIEW is set high above the Keiskamma River with views up to the Hogsback - hte magical mountain that inspired The Hobbit. Three beds, two baths.