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The house of Woodworking Machines Tools, Abrasives, Accessories, Consumables and more…

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About us

At Hüster Machinetool Company we deal in Woodworking machinery, allied accessories and consumables.

We also deal in machinery for the automotive repair and refurbishment, metal working, rebar industries and general workshop equipment as well as popular branded portable electric hand tools.

We also carry a comprehensive range of abrasives, wood processing adhesives and general hand tools.

This is a “must Visit” for the “Tool/Machine”, we carry everything, for the professional Machinist and also for the DIY person or anyone else who like to handle Tools and Machines, come in an browse through the showrooms, it is laid-out professionally and you might just what you`re looking for.

HÜSTER Machinetool Company

The following Machines and Accessories are for sale at our Showroom.

  1. Woodworking Machines and accessories
  2. Dust and Fume Extraction Systems
  3. Metalworking Machines and accessories
  4. Compressed air Equipment, Fittings and Sprayguns
  5. Portable Electric and airtools
  6. Engine reconditioning Equipment
  7. Automotive and Workshop Equipment
  8. Rebar cutting and bending Machines
  9. Welding Machines
  10. Accessories and Consumables
  11. Tools and Abrasives
  12. Material Handling
  13. Hoists and Cranes

The following Services are available:

A Complete Service Workshop is available for,

  1. Installations
  2. Commissioning & Repairs
  3. Workshop for sharpening all Cutting Tools
  4. Manufacturing of Cutters