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A African souvenir online shop offers African handmade crafts, South African Jewelry , African arts paintings and gifts originating from Africa.

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We are a african souvenir online shop specialize in African hand made crafts, South African Jewelry , African arts paintings and gifts originating from Africa.These unique products are made by talented African rural men and women .Our main objective of selling these product is to have alternative to mass produce factory goods and also to have a picture of African life,culture and the people . We are based in Perth Western Australia. 

African Beadwork is that the largest and most vital craft trade in Republic of South Africa, with stunning beading work is custom coming from ancient african mothers to daughters. These rural African Beadwork girls area unit a number of the foremost impoverished folks in Africa and also the issue from their handcrafted African Beaded Jewellery and accessories ,Beaded ware and lots of alternative African Beadwork crafts supports themselves and their families. 

We area unit committed to ascension African craftsmen and ladies who typically lack the foremost basic education particularly within the rural areas. By supporting these dedicated, unyielding artists we are able to facilitate produce property employment for them to support their families.

We supply African product from craft comes everywhere Republic of South Africa and Africa, perpetually supporting the honest Trade attribute of paying honest and property costs, we tend to conjointly solely purchase directly from the artists and craftsmen.