Glass Gardens

Glass Gardens is an online store selling hand made terrariums and beautiful air plants. We have a wide range of amazing plants in a variety of glasses.

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Glass Gardens has over 50 different types of air plants for sale in Cape Town. We can provide
decor for weddings and functions. 

Glass Gardens is a Cape Town Air Plant wholesaler and we sell terrariums too. Terrariums are small living creations in interesting
glassware. We select the finest succulents and ferns to create beautiful landscapes within interesting glass pieces. A terrarium
is a modern decor piece for a coffee table or desk. They are low maintenance and make for a stunning centre piece. 

Air plants are a type of bromeliad. They are epiphytic and grow on other trees or in between rocky crevices. Air plants
require no soil and live off the moisture in the air. They are also low maintenance and make for an interesting addition
to any garden or home. They provide stunning flowers that have an attractive fragrance. Tillandsias originally come from
Central America and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Choose from our massive collection of air plants, we can ship any
where in South Africa.