giddyUP- An Established SEO Company of Cape Town

As one of the reputed SEO agencies in Cape Town, we offer wide range of online marketing services to customers like SEO services, SMO services.

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Giddy UP Website Solutions is a brand building and marketing agency and also a SEO company in Cape Town South Africa. The company offers and advocates a minimal style of website designed approach that would help stir responses. A website pertaining to such measures would be also appealing on the visual aesthetics scale.


The company extends a diverse range of services in the form of web designs, graphic designs, logo formations, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation skills and social media marketing.

The company is basically a boutique web design agency that has its principles built on being beautiful and appealing to the eyes. The story of the client that the company is working for is trying to be portrayed through the website effectively. A set of content management tools with a disciplined approach helps to convert its goals into reality.

Similarly, the visual appeal of a logo carries the weight of the brand and the company it is representing. Giddy Up Website Solutions does a thorough business research for the company it is working for before they start venturing into designing a logo.