Klein Karoo Event Medics

Klein Karoo events Medics specialist specialises in providing medical standby and support at sporting and public events.

Have a paramedic at your next function and be prepared for that in case of emergency there will be prompt emergency medical care if any accident occurs.

We supply fully equipped BLS  events ambulance, events vehicles, Quadbikes, Medical station, with foot staff equipped with emergency trauma bags, comprehensive first aid bags, oxygen and spinal immobilization equipment.

We have the following medical personnel available for an event:

Advanced Life Support, Intermediate life Support, Basic Life Support personnel, First responders - Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 We also have a special events ambulance and other Ambulances available to transport the patient to the nearest hospital for further treatment

When it comes to emergency care you can be rest assured that we can handle all of your special needs.