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Event Excellence Professional DJ Services are The Elite Garden Route Wedding DJ Service, and cater to the whole garden route with a superior wedding DJ service.

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Event Excellence Professional DJ Services

‘Event Excellence’ is a group of professional, highly experienced, established and dedicated DJ’s who pride themselves on providing superior customer service for any event they undertake.

Our DJ’s are all groomed from scratch and all lessons are born from proven, tried and tested methods that have been perfected from years of work experience obtained out in the field of real-world events.

‘Event Excellence Professional DJ Services’ are specialists for any kind of high profile event from weddings, private and corporate functions to clubs,venues and major festivals. We are also providers & operators of AV rental equipment for small to large events.

Our crews are well versed in technical setups and can operate any kind of professional equipment including audio, lighting, corporate AV, big screen projection and stage design & construction.

‘Event Excellence Professional DJ Services’ are true professionals in every sense of the word, and being professional means that being, DJ’s are all, of our full time jobs.

We are not bankers, mechanics or students by day and DJ’s by night, and our prices are not “discounted” to enable us to make some spare cash on the weekends.

The mindset of the budget economy DJ is one of minimal expenditure on music and equipment, in order to just get by, to make as much profit as possible, without having any form of backup or contingency plans available in case of an emergency.

‘Event Excellence Professional DJ Services’ invest in only the best equipment and music collections, which run into hundreds of thousands of Rand worth of investment to perform our duties. We therefore do not drop our prices or compromise on quality just to “get the gig”.

If you are serious about the quality that your event deserves and want a truly flawless performance at your wedding, corporate, private, or premier event you have come to the right place.  If however you are shopping on price alone, this is probably not the service for you.

We are an ‘exclusive premier service’ due mainly to the fact that there is no other DJ service in South Africa that offers the same product which we do. It therefore stands to reason that we charge differently to other services.

However when comparing to what we offer and supply to any other DJ service’s offering, it becomes blatantly obvious that our fees are exceptionally well priced to any other service when you compare what you are paying for, to what you are receiving in return.

As such, we are not prepared to compete with entry-level amateurs with little more than sub standard equipment and poor quality illegal music collections. Being professional to us means never having to apologize for ruining someone’s once-in-a-lifetime special event.

To this we can add one more unique advantage to our large range of benefits, instead of supplying you with a basic price and then charging separately for each extra to be added like other DJ services do, we don’t… everything is included in one comprehensive price. With ‘Event Excellence Professional DJ Services’ there are no added extra’s, if your event requires something more it will be included at no extra charge (for up to 500 guests). This even includes overtime fees.  Subsequently please compare, apples with apples when comparing our prices to any other DJ service.

The only additional costs that could arise are if there is any out of region traveling and accommodation costs. These will however be discussed and agreed upon and then added to your quotation and contract, which is to be finalised before the event.

Therefore there is obviously only one clear and logical choice for your special events entertainment requirements,

Event Excellence Professional DJ Services.

All of our services are fully guaranteed, if you are unhappy with our service for any legitimate reason we will as a matter of pride not charge you for your event.

  1. We guarantee professional customer service, put us to the test, we advise it.
  2. Legendary reputation for reliability, we have never been late or a ‘no show’ for any event in over 20 years.
  3. We have the most visually appealing (aethetically superior) units in South Africa bar none. If you can find another service with a better looking DJ set-up we guarantee you will not pay a cent for your function. (mobile unit at the same cost as our service, not a permanent installation, or a non-standard décor company or 3rd party set-up).
  4. Any additional equipment (sound & lighting) required for up to events with 500 guests will be supplied at no extra cost to you.
  5. No extra hourly overtime costs as all the other DJ services charge, we play for the entire duration of your event at an all inclusive pre-confirmed price.
  6. We supply an additional complimentary sound system for the venue’s onsite chapel for wedding services, or for corporate or private events a background sound system for pre-event cocktail areas (at no extra charge).
  7. Exact & precise equipment layout consistency, What you see is what you get (wysiwyg), unlike other DJ services who use photos of equipment other than what they actually supply, or photos of a previous event’s décor rather than that of their own DJ set-up photo’s. We don’t need to do that (as a matter of fact some décor companies include photos of our DJ set-up to enhance their event portfolio). Our units are all identical with exactly the same layout and equipment schedule as you will receive, no surprises when you walk into your event.
  8. We supply 3 professional cordless radio microphones for the speeches at the event as well as a professional grade concert haze machine to create a fine haze of mist rather than conventional smoke machines that are obtrusive and irritate certain guests with billowing clouds of unpleasant smoke. The haze machine is used to enhance the atmosphere, lighting effects and also provides an exceptionally attractive special effect for the video and photogaphy suppliers to enhance their product at the event.
  9. Interactive liaison & cooperation with other event suppliers, we will contact all other associated suppliers to establish details and to discuss any factors influencing all of our participation and services that could enhance the event by working together in a cohesive manner to maintain maximum effectiveness. (Décor, video, photography, catering, venue, etc).
  10. Venue reconnaissance for every event, is carried out before the function with the venues function coordinator to establish the exact layout of the event, and operational resources required (timelines electrical outlets, various distances, ceiling heights & venue measurements, parking, load out and load in times, etc).
  11. In case of an unlikely equipment failure at your event we guarantee a full backup of equipment including computer, sound, lighting and music hard drives. If another DJ service offers you the same guarantee, ask them to stipulate exactly what backup gear they actually supply. Chances are you will be very disappointed and even shocked at what some suppliers rate as sufficient back up gear.
  12. If your DJ runs into any circumstances outside of his control such as an illness, accident or family emergency we will find a suitable replacement from within our company of professional DJ’s countrywide, and if we should need to fly a DJ in for your event we will cover all costs involved toensure our legendary reliability record stays intact and your event proceeds smoothly. Our Dj’s are all of premium grade quality and can handle any event with relative ease.
  13. All inclusive pricing, there are no added extras, everything is included at one price with no hidden costs or charges. We guarantee complete honesty and transparency.
  14. The only added costs will be if any additional ‘options’ packages are chosen or if there is any extra travel & accomodation involved. However this will be discussed, agreed to and included in your quotation and event contract long before the function takes place.
  15. We will attend as many pre-event meetings as are required (at no extra cost) to make the client feel comfortable and to secure peace of mind that their event will be perfect (Not just one meeting as offered by other DJ services). We also like to utilise these meetings to finalise all the required event planning details. This service applies to any event not just weddings and corporate functions.
  16. All events big or small are handled with the same clinical precision, professionalism and attention to detail. No event is more or less important than any other. That is why we undertake everything we do with enthusiasm, pride and passion. ‘We do all the work and you take all the credit’, it’s the ‘Event Excellence’ way.
  17. Premium Grade Equipment Schedule including:
  • 2 x FOH (front of house) concert speakers fully horn loaded (15” Bass, 8” Midrange and 2” Horn).
  • 2 x 12” Side fill full range speakers.
  • 2 x 18” Sub-Bass bins.
  • 2 x 12“ Full range DJ monitors.
  • Fully Digital DJ System.
  • Mac computer (Macbook Pro i7).
  • Denon DJ Controller/Mixer (controls DJ software on the Mac).
  • 3 x Professional wireless microphones for speeches.
  • 2 x Microphone stands for speeches.
  • Professional amplifier rack with digital processing and effects rack.
  • Professional lighting system with intelligent LED moving lights (DMX controlled).
  • Professional grade haze machine (creates a fine mist like atmosphere for lighting effects and videography/photography).
  • 2 x Large mirror balls with motors and LED pin-spot lighting.
  • 12 x LED colour changing floodlights to continuously change the entire booths colour.
  • Full back up system in case of an unlikely equipment failure scenario.
  • Fully comprehensive music library to suit all genres and age groups.tracks.

18. All ‘Event Excellence’ Professional DJ’s are of premium quality, experienced in their trade and are specialists in all types of   events. We can play at any event with a mixed guest list of any   age,  race or creed and all music genres are catered for, from the 1940’s right up to today & tomorrows hits.

19. We are fully SAMRO licensed (South African Music Rights Organisation) and SAMPRA licensed (South African Music Performance Rights Association) and are also fully accredited TPSA   (Technical Production Services Association) members.
20. We provide you with numerous ‘client tools’ on our corporate website to help plan your function well in advance. There is also a completely secure client access area which is only accessable via your own private & secure password. We are currently the only DJ company in South Africa making use of these customer-centric tools, and we proudly offer our clients the following event planning tools.

  • Instant online availability checker.
  • Instant online quote generator (with discounted promotional codes).
  • Instant quote & contract fowarding to your email address.
  • Instant contact information forwarding to your contacts folder.
  • Instant answers to client’s questions.
  • Instant online client messaging to ‘Event Excellence’ from our website.
  • Online music database to choose tracks, listen & create request lists.
  • Guest requests songlist creation online.
  • Complete event planning online.
  • Safe & secure password protected client area to update, save and print all your event information. And to submit directly to us, for pre-preparation of your event.
  • And much, much more… Check it out at www.eventexcellence.co.za

* NB: When doing  a price and services comparison between ‘Event Excellence Professional DJ Services’ and any other DJ service, please compare each of the above points. Ask our competitors what they offer in comparison and would they be prepared to offer the same service as we do, will they guarantee everything they provide and are they prepared to forfeight payment if they should fail to deliver? Should they commit to do so, ask them what they would charge to guarantee all of the above. Once you get their answer it will become crystal clear to you, why… there is no substitute for ‘Event Excellence Professional DJ Services’, and why we are the only logical choice for your special event.

EVENT EXCELLENCE PROFESSIONAL DJ SERVICES, The Elite Garden Route Wedding DJ Service, There is NO substitute...

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