Ehlanzeni Arts Academy NPO

A center developing and promoting the performing arts through skills development training and showcasing. Your one stop shop for live entertainment in Mbombela.

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Located in the city of Mbombela in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, Ehlanzeni Arts Academy is a performing arts center that develops and promotes the performing arts through skills development training and showcasing.  The center offers a performing arts education program that includes a learnership and a skills program.  The skills program is offered as a community outreach course that provides fieldwork training, mentoring and coaching to community performing groups be it a music band, a drama group or dance group. The academy promotes the performing arts by showcasing work performed by its students and performing groups at an annual performing arts showcase and by presenting performances to venues and events including theaters, festivals and competitions.

Drama, Dance and Music are the performing arts entryways for admission in the Ehlanzeni Arts Academy. The academy is in the business of educating, producing and promoting the performing arts.  We do our best to offer our students the best teaching experience and we endeavor to produce well rounded excellent performing artists who go out there confidently to express their artistic ideas in ways that contribute to social unity and the advancement of democracy in South Africa - aware of the important role that the performing arts play in the transformation, development and healing of a people so deeply affected by a past so undemocratic like the one we’ve had in South Africa.

Out of school unemployed yet talented young people with a burning desire for acting, dancing and music join our academy to acquire skills, develop their passion and transform into professional actors, poets, script writers, singers, composers, choreographers, guitarists, pianists, drummers etc. Theatre groups, dance groups, choirs and music bands from townships join our academy as members because they know that the academy is here for their artistic development and promotion needs.

Experienced performing arts practitioners join us as drama, dance and music teachers or community fieldworkers. Agencies and companies looking for artists to audition and cast in their productions look up to the academy to provide them with the most updated database of the performing arts. The academy is a one stop shop for individuals, corporate and government when hiring an entertainment service for their event or function.

Our community fieldworkers provide training workshops, mentor and coach performing groups in the townships and each year select promising stage works to participate at our premier Performing Arts Feast of Shows which is the academy’s flagship performing arts showcase. This annual feast of shows allows performing groups, artists from townships and our students to present live performances in professional venues at an affordable price to the public.  The annual feast of shows provides publicity for both the academy and performing artists and provides an opportunity for the academy to measure the development of the performing arts in the region.

It is our goal to establish the feast of shows as an event that unites communities from all cultural backgrounds and that is instrumental in developing collaborative efforts, ignite excitement for the performing arts and present the academy as a center of excellence in the arts. Our students are also exposed to a wide range of performances with local, national and international guest artists, freelance teachers and fieldworkers through workshops, festivals, corporate events and competitions.

Our academy cares about its students, member artists and educators - we appreciate the unique identity and character of each person, we identify, nurture, and develop individual talent, we build self-confidence and promote artistic expression, we prepare our students and member artists with essential interpersonal skills that enable the acquisition of critical thinking, we protect the rights, dignity and self - esteem of each student, educator and of every member of the academy, we affirm the value of collaboration in the creation of art and in the running of our academy and we promote a spirit of teamwork and shared aspirations.

Our vision is to produce well rounded excellent performing artists. We believe that the performing arts are well placed to bring about social unity. We serve all communities irrespective of race, gender or political affiliation. We take pride in offering quality skills development that produces excellent performing artists that are disciplined, professional, collaborative and work well in teams.