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Central Hill is the oldest suburb in Port Elizabeth. It has great views of the harbour and is also home to St. Georges Park. it offers tourism opportunities.

Central Hill or also known as “The Hill” is no longer central to the city but is sure was in the early 1800’s when Europeans first settled there. The Hill is rich in history and a feast for historians to visit. The down side is that some areas had fallen to dereliction but on the brighter side the restoration of many of the old landmark buildings is an ongoing process.

Central, with its close proximity to the harbour, is well known for its historic landmarks. Probably most prominent is Donkin Reserve and its famous pyramid and lighthouse. Just a few paces off Rink Street is the Horse Memorial which also popular with tourists. Hotels such as the iconic Grand Hotel, is also under restoration which augers well for this popular destination.

Central Hill is a truly cosmopolitan suburb and within a short walk the visitor will meet people from every corner of Africa and beyond. The richness of foreign cultures is reflected in the great variety of exotic cuisine offered at any of the numerous restaurants dotting the streets of this fascinating old suburb.