Aloe Ferox May/June Specials 2017

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Vitamin C+ 60 Capsules - WAS R96 - NOW R76 - SAVE R20

Besides neutralising free radicals, vitamin C is also required for: collagen manufacturing, which is essential to maintain a youthful skin, healthy arteries as well as strong cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones*adrenal glands to make the stress hormones to allow the body to cope with stress*energy production from fats in the body’s cells*liver to detoxify heavy metals.

Classic Mature 50ml - WAS R85 - NOW R65 - SAVE R20

Timeless Day Cream 50ml - WAS R156 - NOW R121 - SAVE R35

An anti-ageing, natural paraben-free skincare moisturiser, Timeless Skin Day Cream hydrates and protects. It is a highly effective at fighting the signs of ageing, and provides all-day skin nourishment to pamper and protect your skin.

This special formulation is collagen-fortified to help firm sagging skin. It locks in moisture to provide 24-hour skin hydration without clogging the pores (noncomedogenic).And as you’d expect, it contains UVA and UVB filters (SPF 15) to protect your complexion from sun damage. The result? A fresher, more radiant and visibly younger complexion

Timeless Night Cream 50ml - WAS R148 - NOW R113 - SAVE R35

A natural skincare beauty product, Timeless Skin Night Cream does what you expect it to do – and more. It deeply hydrates, detoxifies and re-energises your skin while you rest. A natural, effective anti-ageing skincare product. Proven anti-ageing actives also stimulate micro-circulation to improve collagen and elastin production to firm your skin’s structure.