Dr. Stef is ta hypnotherapist from South Africa who has helped many people gain a better life with hypnosis.

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Dr. Stef helps the clients through various ways for promoting self-confidence in individuals. His shows help people in the process of good deeds and encourage their life style. With the unmatched passion and unbeatable energy, he shares his vision on the corporate level for motivational talks, groups or private basis. He helps people by bringing positive look in their lives and with the same effort. He designs his hypnotherapy practices over groups or by head-to-head interaction. The credentials and qualifications of Dr. Stef are very hard to sum up in some lines. He has an outstanding personality one can never cross. He has the interest in the subject of psychology and related matters of mind from his growing age. He had completed his hypnosis course before he had practiced art and start arranging shows. He has earned enough knowledge in this field and he still has believe that what things he do, he does with perfection.