Sculptured Benches

Donkin Reserve is a heritage monument that is steeped in the colonial history of our Metro. As such the redevelopment of this public open space into one which celebrates the Father of the Nation and the freedom struggle is very symbolic of how we as a people and country have progressed since independence.

The benches on Route 67 are components of 67 works of art created in honour of Nelson Mandela’s 67 years in public service. The benches were designed and manufactured by Anthony Cole. They are, among other, suggestive of Port Elizabeth’s nautical history. It also reflects on the recognition of Port Elizabeth being the Capital of Water Sports in South Africa. The benches are practical and offer a windshield on gusty days. It also used to provide s welcoming shade during the heat of the summer months. The benches are about 2.6 metres high and provide lighting over the front of the seating area. The material for the benches is non-slip with a drainage channel incorporated into the back of the seat.

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