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Where Computer Training is fun and easy. No Classroom training. Work in your own time at your own pace.

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Why Creative Minds Bellville for computer training?

Creative Minds Bellville is part of the Creative Minds® group and we offer: * Computer training from beginner to advanced * Flexible training times * Stress free environment * Personal attention * After hours training * MICT SETA accredited * Official Pastel accredited trainer * Progress at your own pace

You will receive Certification once you have successfully completed your course.

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Your workteam can be more

You know it is good business to ensure that your team have the skills to be productive, but when must they train?!!?

Not when it suits the training company!

We will solve your problem that some of your team is days away with computer courses. Creative Minds provides a flexible alternative. You decide when you can sent people on training. Employees can come during the quite periods and then they are available to work for the busy periods. You and them can determine the hours that work for your business. Now that sounds like a plan! Your team can be more productive for you.

It has been proven over and over that concentration and then retention suffers tremendously with day training.

Alternatively if you have enough employees that could benefit from our training, then you can provide a place where we can come and train at your site. No travelling involve! Contact us to discuss this possibility.

Many doctors and business leaders has come to Creative Minds to develop their skills at times and surroundings that suits them.

Oh, and if you were wondering: Creative Minds training program is fun and we are fully affiliated by the MCIT Seta and by Sage Pastel as an accredited trainer provider.