Action-pause-reflect, a space to rediscover confidence, purpose and potential in your personal / professional role. Counselling, coaching & consulting services.

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It is my experience and belief that if we consciously apply these 3 actions we live truthfully, find our selves, value our centredness, discover our purpose and so live a more meaningful life!

I utilize a blend of creative narrative therapy tools and professional coaching methods for people, or groups, aiming to realize the power of their authenticity and potential.

I love working collaboratively with people through the challenges that arise in their personal and professional spaces such as:

  • interpersonal issues
  • self worth and confidence
  • health and chronic illness
  • responses to trauma
  • spiritual connectedness
  • career development  
  • business growth

Services offered

  • individual counselling
  • couples, family and group counselling
  • HR recruitment 
  • business consultation

Challenges can be unique opportunities to discover one's potential in the personal and professional space. Counselling provides a confidential and healing relationship that facilitates your working towards your potential. Coaching offers strategies towards achieving specific personal and professional goals. Consultation offers a range of services to businesses needing support and growth.   


I worked extensively as a counsellor, trainer, coach, manager and community developer. I lived and worked locally and abroad, in both remotely rural and densely urban spaces. I am multi-cultural and see our relationship to diversity and nature as significant healing tools. That is why I love the Garden Route and our beautiful country South Africa!

I was introduced to the tools of Narrative Therapy whilst completing my Masters in Social Sciences Degree in Counselling Psychology, from 2003-2004, and found them to be empowering and enlightening in a variety of contexts with a diverse range of people. I fell in love with the Eastern Cape communities' passion for change and so post qualification I decided to continue working in community development rather than become a psychologist in a private practice. I set myself up as a consultant to NGOs offering a range of services to support their projects, and I also ran my own businesses. In 2012 I joined a local non profit as a senior manager and gained further experience in leadership, business development and coaching. In 2016 I decided to embark on a quest for deeper personal growth and creativity, so I joyfully returned to my practice!

I have developed and implemented keystone projects and worked with a diverse range of clients from executives to college students, grassroots business owners to senior management teams. I believe that my purpose is to assist people to heal the pain that constrains them from living in their preferred way of being. I have gained depth in experience in one-one counselling, training, management and business coaching and I bring all of this into potent counselling, coaching and consultation sessions.


I am registered as Specialist Counsellor in Narrative Therapy with the Council for Counsellors South Africa, registration number SCO: 0393.

I offer affordable rates, but no medical aid claims benefits as I am not registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.