The FIRE, STEAM, & STEEL interview is available on a physical disc, for those who want it like that.  See other DEAL options.

For those who have access to Paypal or other international money transfer apps, try the Gigbucks download option for only $5:

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But the email deal is also now available, also at R100 per order.  To place an order, please do the following:

1) Click on the ORDER BY EMAIL option.

2) I will send you the Capitec bank account details and a reference number, within a day or so. Please do not try to get money out of me, as I am aware of all the scam tricks.

3) Deposit R100 in the correct account, and don't forget to use the reference number I give you.

4) Email me a copy of your deposit slip.

5) I will email you all of the MP3 audio files, plus cover artwork.

6) Please acknowledge receipt of your purchase, so that I know the deal is complete.


IN FUTURE: Look out for a possible download option to come!