Take a look at my blog to see the details.  As I say, this recording can be incredibly funny, very sad, and extremely interesting.  The first few tracks are about more technioal and historical aspects of working on the Railways, and after that the amazing stories begin to follow.  It is a piece of living history spoken by a man who is real "SALT OF THE EARTH".  You do need to fetch it from me though.  I hope to make these MP3 recordings available for download soon, at $5 for the entire 467MB file bundle.  But for now, they are available here at my home, if you are prepared to fetch them.

Click on MEDIA and take a listen to the MP3 audio sample I provided here, to get some idea of the fun we had recording this.  Meanwhile, I can sell these recordings on disc all over the country BY POST, BUT YOU WILL NEED TO CHOOSE THE R100 OPTION ON THE OTHER DEAL PAGE .

These recordings are NOT yet available outside South Africa.

These discs are currently NOT availabe at Art In The Park, because the organisers think this item, produced entirely by myself, is still not a craft!!!

I produce the discs on request, within a day or so. :-)