I am a former software engineer, who had to take very early retirement, due to a brain disorder, although that disorder is well-controlled medically.  I have a BSc degree from the former UPE, majoring in Physics and Computer Programming.  I have many talents, but so little time to use them all.  I sketch aircraft and steam trains, I take photos of pets, airshows, trains, and space objects (seen through telescopes).  Come and see my stand at Art In The Park, where I will be selling these items at a reasonable price.

I also design board games, I have recently launched "TWILIGHT TIME-WARP", a kiddies space-travel game.  I will be launching more types of board games over the coming months.

I write, play, sing, and record my own music and songs.  I have an endless supply of tunes in my head to use.  My PC is my recording studio and also my synthesizer, while I can also play electric guitar and some harmonica.  I sometimes make use of psychedelic effects in my music.  I vary between rock and roll, electronic pop, and semi-classical styles.  I have not yet started selling music, but it is coming in the future.

I have a set of MP3 recordings, where I interviewed a South African Railways steam train driver.  The recordings are now available here on MP3 CDs, and I hope to make them available for download also, soon.

I am slowly writing my life story, about living with a brain condition that is disabling in a certain sense, but very creative in another sense.

I am qualified in science, but I do belong to the Lord too.