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Citrusdal, with less than 5,000 inhabitants, is a holiday destination the gateway to the Cederberg. It is known for its citrus and fynbos flowers and laid-back lifestyle.


Welcome to the village of Citrusdal

Citrusdal, proclaimed in 1916, is a small village (95% speaking Afrikaans as first Language) in the Oliphant’s River. It is situated at the base of the Cederberg Mountains about 160 kilometres north of Cape Town.

Citrusdal is known as the gateway to the Cederberg and for the spring flower splendour of Namaqualand.  It nestles between fragrant citrus orchards, fynbos-clad hills and majestic mountains.

Agriculture in the area is dominated by citrus fruit farming, hence the town's name.  Citrusdal is world renowned for its superior quality citrus fruits, wines and herbal fynbos products such as rooibos tea, buchu and cut flowers.

Though accommodation,restaurants and activities are limited in town, visitors are spoilt for choice with a large variety of self-catering farm cottages, resorts, B&B's, hotels and things to do in the area.

During winter months the valley is a hive of activity as the citrus harvest is gathered and packed in various pack houses in and around the town. Goede Hoop Citrus, is one of these pack houses.

Natural hot water springs occur in the area...

Holidaying in Citrusdal area is an exhilarating experience for those seeking peace and quiet or pursuing nature-related activities, such as hiking, mountain biking and 4 x 4 routes.

Citrusdal offers its visitors a variety of guesthouses, bars and restaurants. It also has a supermarket and several smaller convenience stores. 24/7 services are offered by 1 petrol service stations situated on the main road and central to the village.

Although Citrusdal is regarded as a tiny village, it offers several businesses offering a variety of conveniences from hardware stores, pc repairs, to doctor, dentist, and pharmacies.

Medical facilities includes doctor, dentist,  pharmacy, clinic and hospital with a special department for poisen.

One of the more popular features of Citrusdal is its natural hot water springs  at the “The Baths” 9 km outside Citrusdal. 

It offers good bass fishing, accommodation, restaurant and a caravan park.

Citrusdal has a primary school, secondary school and several churches.

The village hosts various Festivals each year which attracts visitors each from around the country.


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