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Cimarron MCC is a family orientated bike club established by DeWet Steyn in 2007 and now consists of over 300 members and has numerous chapters throughout South Africa.We are a club which prides ourselves in our families, our love and respect for each other and the biker code. We are sensitive to the needs of others and will regularly arrange or attend charity events.

The Cimarron family understand that we only have one life and intend to live it to the fullest.

The words "Wild and Unruly" describe our attitude and outlook. We love to socialise, make a noise and get noticed.

Cimarron MCC consists of three groups within the club namely :-

1) Cimarron MCC bike club - motorcycles of engine capacity 400cc or greater. 2) Cimarron MCC commuter club - bikes with less than 400cc engine capacity and Scooters. 3) Cimarron Social Members (Anasazi) - people who do not own motorcycles but want to be part of a bike club.