The ringing wooden floor

It was Wednesday, 10 August 2016, and it was almost closing time at the book and antique shop.

As usual, I put my cell phone in my pocket. I bent down to switch off the electricity.

It was then that I heard a phone ringing. I held my ear closer to the work phone, but it has nothing to do at all with the sound I am hearing. As I move away from the wooden floor, it becomes softer and sounds further away, but when I move closer to the wooden floor, I could hear the ringing clearer.

It dawned on me that it might be the business next door and for a moment I was baffled. How can it be possible that I can hear the phone from next door through the floor? But, after all, it ís a wooden floor.

At that moment the ringing stopped and I heard a voice: "Hello... hello..."

I remembered that my fiancé's cell phone was in my handbag. But it can't be, his cell phone is turned off - how can it receive calls?

It was at that point that I turned to my own phone in my pocket. Taking the phone in my hand, the screen was blank and I pressed a button.

To my surprise, there was a call on my phone!

I then listened to find out who is on the other side. Greeting with a "Hello" I started the conversation.

"Hello ma'm, are you alright?"

"I'm fine thank you." Still I'm trying to work out how my phone could've unlocked the screen password and dialed a number, or person, from the home screen. Usually I need to press at least three buttons before I can hit the call button.

I mean, this whole scenario was so unreal. First it made me believe that the ringing came through the wooden floor and now my phone apparently just dialed a number. Or did someone call me? The ringing I heard was a dial-up ring, not a smart phone ringtone.

This is really weird...

As the conversation developed between me and the man on he other side, it struck me that it could be a pornographer trying to lure me into the deep, dark world of prostitution and drugs.

Now I became more prominent to get rid of this person.

"Where are you from?" was my next question.

"I'm at the Mount Road Police Station. Are you sure everything is alright? Can you talk? Is there somebody with you?"

Suddenly everything was bright and clear in my mind. On the locked screen of my phone is an 'Emergency call' feature. My phone was in my jean's pocket, the material is very thin and my skin must have activated the button. I also remembered that I added the nearest Police Station's number on the contact list about two years ago when some coins have been stolen in the office, and I connected the number to the emergency group for fast dialing in case something happens in the shop again and I need to get assistance as in immediately.

"What is your name?"

"My name is Charmaine."

Eventually I handed the phone over to my fiancé who was still not clear on what exactly happened during the last few minutes. He tried to explain to the officer that there was nothing wrong and it was all a misunderstanding, but the poor police officer was so concerned, that he wanted to come and see for himself that this awkward lady was alright.

We waited until the police van arrived and my fiancé went to speak to them while I locked the shop.

All these was totally uncalled for and I felt terrible to get the Police coming out all the way from Mount Road to Central for nothing, but for what it's worth, thank you. This shows that the police are truly concerned about the people of South Africa. I'm giving the S.A.P. a thumbs up - you are doing a great job!