Blogger, poetess and a keen cellphone photographer.

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The ringing wooden floor It was Wednesday, 10 August 2016, and it was almost closing time at the book and antique shop. As usual, I put my cell phone in my pocket. I bent down to...
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Remote Office Administration A Remote Office Assistant is trained to do professional, high quality work without supervision. My experience: Email management  Online email filing ...
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If I were a tramp . If I were a tramp I wouldn’t beg If I were a tramp I wouldn’t crawl the streets Or scavenge dustbins If I were a tramp I would comb the beaches Looking for...
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Having a good laugh! Every Sunday morning the Sunday Times newspaper is delivered right on our doorstep in the Central suburb of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. Normally I...
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Skateboarding paradise Adrenalin is high and is pumping through veins when skateboarders take on the snaking paths of Donkin Reserve in Port Elizabeth. Yet, the satisfaction to be...
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Paul McCartney We all stand together This song has been playing in my head for the past few days. Finally I searched for it on You Tube. Hope you will enjoy this as much as I did...
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Writing poems, knitting and crochet has been hobbies since I was in Primary school. Gardening - I must have gotten the love of flowers and working in wet soil from my mother. She was a keen gardener in her time. Even my dad had a great love for vegetable gardening. I still remember the days we were staying in Thabazimbi - my parents won the "most beautiful garden" competition two consecutive years.
    Then there were the time we stayed on a small holding. My dad and I used to walk along the tomatoes, carrying some salt in a little container. Oh, the smell of that freshly picked tomatoes and the fresh sparkling taste of a sun ripe tomato on your tongue – absolutely divine! The memories of the passed… It will always stay clear in my mind and near in my heart!

I started working at Santam Insurance 1990, the year after matric. Two years went by and I moved to the Natal coast where I worked at Apex until my daughter was born. It was a wonderful time living in Mandini for 6 years! Relaxing on the beach, fishing, 4x4 driving, swimming in the sea and walking along the rocky shores.
    Moving to Louis Trichardt in 1998 was very exiting! A whole new world opened up for me. Here I gained a vast experience of skills, from Manager at a small retail shop to Admin Manager at Fruit & Veg City as well as bookkeeping and office administration in between.
    Little did I know that my days in the northern town of Limpopo will come to an end late 2009 when I moved to Sedgefield in the Western Cape. I started working for Wiki Village January 2010 as Studio Manager until May 2011. Oh, what a beautiful small town! Sedgefield, situated in the Garden Route, really worked magic into my life. I could easily walk from one side of the town to the other – from home to the beach to the CBD and back home again. As they say, all good things comes to an end.
    16 June 2011 I arrived in Port Elizabeth, working as a Sales Assistant at Books & Bygones – a book and antique store for 5 years and 4 months.
    Today I am still in Port Elizabeth; offering services such as bookkeeping, office administration, blogging (website content writing), website development, have my own businesscard-in-a-keyring registered company and I'm learning more about living green.