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Cell phone Spy - All the information you could possible want from your target phone.

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SPY SHOP - World of 007 Bugging and de-bugging products and services, for room and telephone. Hidden camera's, secret microphones. DIY - Investigations, catch a cheating partner, corporate offences.

The most effective solution is monitoring the cellphone: Cell phone surveillance, SMSes, BBM's, Whatsapp, all calls & room & location etc. Personal Security, hidden video cameras, audio surveillance, jammers, night vision, infidelity test kits, & much more!! Customer special requests accepted.

Services Consumer Reports - check potential consumers (includes judgements, adverses, directorship links, property ownership) Company reports - check companies for their credit records (includes company judgements, adverse info, tax and vat numbers) Deeds searches - access all 10 deeds offices including farms and sectional titles Property valuations - check the value of a property. CIPC - get access to up to date director and company information. Criminal and ITC checks ID and fraud verifications. Death certificates Vehicle number plate enquiries Cell phone forensics Cellphone and computer surveillance software and solutions. Complete background checks Private and confidential services Divorce Investigations VIP & Personal Protection Matrimonial Cases Bodyguard Chauffeurs Locating people

Cell Spy:


This is the way it works:-

It a simple download via the internet on the target phone, and a simple set up thereafter.
You can install yourself, you need access to that target phone for a few moments, you go onto the website I provide and follow the prompts.
It very easy and quick.

If there is a call you are sent a sms, once you receive the sms you call into the target phone from your assigned number and are connected to the conversation
It is a conference call they are not aware you are a part of. Remember to MUTE the call.....
If there is not active call you go into the room, to hear the surroundings.

The other functions go to a website that I provide a user name & password for and you simply log in and read the sms’s, email's etc.
They can be viewed from anywhere with an internet connection from any device.

 Options Available:
R 1800.00 per month
R 5500.00 - 6 months
1 Year          R 8000



Call Interception (Listen to phone calls )
Spy call (Listen to the phones surroundings when the phone is not in use)
Record calls and room area, (Iphone and Android only)
SIM Change Notification
Android & iPhone - facebook chat, skype, viber & Whatsapp,BBM.
Blackberry - Read all BBM's,
Camera Images,
Audio Files,
Video files,
Address Book,
Receive SMS when SIM is changed
GPS Tracking (If the target has GPS , read the location coordinates)
CELL Tracking (See the Cell Name and Cell ID. mobile location tracking explained SMS Logging (Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages.)
Call History (View their entire call history)
EMAIL Logging, See complete emails sent from the mobile Install directly from our internet download site, directly into the phone,
Remote camera image.

100% Completely undetectable
Limited access is required. 5 min - unless routing (android)
 Jailbreaking (Iphone) is required)
Please confirm the phones version > settings > about phone.
Customers are welcome to come in for guidance, or support via phone.

Please check before purchase if suitable for your target phone.




Monthly options now available.



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