Cefups Academy

Cefups Academy is an institution that offers both primary and secondary levels of education, with excellent boarding facilities.

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Cefups Academy was established in 1992 with an aim of making a remarkable impact in the lives of young South Africans, SADC Community and the world at large. Our highly qualified staff, appointed on fair basis and through transparent processes work extremely hard to make sure that our academic goals are realized and achieved. I am proud to say it without any qualms of conscious that our academic track record is in this regard our testimony. I have no doubt that your registration and stay with us will always prove fruitful.

Our beautiful and ever improving main campus is situated on a farm, 11kms outside Nelspruit towards White River. The physical address of the school is: Portions 52 and 54 of the farm Friedenheim P.O Nelspruit 1200. So many factors surrounding the final choice of the present situation of the school were considered. Amongst others are the following:

- Taking it 11kms away from the City Nelspruit makes it a quiet and conducive place for learning.

It is far from the prevailing scourges and disturbances from the intruders, thugs and uninvited guests from the nearby locations which make it to be the safest place for learning.

The view of the school is fantastic, surrounded by the ever green macademia trees from our neighbours.

The rocky nature of our grounds makes it to look more beautiful, to walk on its rocky stairs forces one to unreservably develop an instantaneous aesthetics.

The expensive new town and development coming up at the Drum Rock area enhance the general outlook and value of our institution. The above scenario makes Cefups Academy to be an exclusive institution. We strive every day to maintain standards and academic excellence to satisfy the community and the clients we service and serve. With these few words, I would like to welcome you and wish you a prosperous academic year ahead.