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Catering Equipment Hire Party Hire Alberton Johannesburg. Cater and Spit Braai Hire. Marquee Hire. Tent Hire.

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Catering Equipment Hire Party Hire Alberton Johannesburg

Spit Braai Hire Alberton

Should you require Catering –  Party Equipment to HIRE urgently, in and around Alberton, please contact Lizzy Bee Catering Equipment Hire Alberton now.

We service Alberton and surrounding areas. We have all catering equipment / party hire / Spit Braai Hire or Spit Braai Catering requisites you’ll need for your function;  from Glasses, Cutlery and crockery to HUGE Marquees, tables and chairs AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN!!!

We will GLADLY assist you in compiling a Product Requirement List, Quotation and/or Order. Just tell us who, what, where, when, how and we will do the rest. We may also arrange a personal meeting with you if necessary in order to discuss and arrange everything down to the smallest detail.

Phone Lizzy Bee Catering and Party Equipment Hire Alberton now – IT’S ALWAYS PARTY TIME AND WE ARE BEING BOOKED by the minute… so, to avoid disappointment – ORDER YOUR CATERING / PARTY HIRE EQUIPMENT NOW!

Lizzy Bee have been providing Cater and Party Hire equipment to hundreds of our clients in the Johannesburg and Alberton areas over the past ten years. We always deliver what you need, and we deliver on-time! Whether you need a few items, or looking to go for the whole show, we can provide you with the full spectrum of catering equipment / party hire to set up a scrumptious three-course meal, hot and/or cold,  for up-to 300 guests!

Please discuss your special Party Hire needs with us. We have most of what it takes, but are also willing to assist where you may have some special requests, and if possible will go out of our way to accommodate you!

Feel free to provide us with a complete list of what you need, or alternatively provide us with the details of your function, and we will compile a list of everything you’ll need, together with a quotation. We do not miss a thing, but of-course you can decide what you take, or not…

We naturally ensure that all catering / party hire equipment delivered to you is in excellent condition, clean and ready for use!  If you need us to assist with the set-up process, please discuss with us!