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What is Sky Way? Sky Way is an overland transport system which uses the overhead string rails pulled between the pillar bearers.

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What are the advantages of investing in Sky Way technology?

Profitable placement of finances

You purchase the company’s shares with the discount up to 500 times less than their nominal value and when the company enters the market you get the capitalization of 1000% and more

Lifelong dividends

You will receive the dividends from each project realized by the company in accordance with the amount of the shares you purchased

Intellectual property

Sky Way group of companies owns the exclusive right for the string transport technology. According to the estimates of the independent experts, the cost of the technology is $ 400 000 000 000

Joint ownership of the world corporation

Purchasing the company’s shares, you become the co-owner of one of the biggest transport corporations in the world 

Why the investors decide to put their money in this project:

1. Direct investments in the technology.
2. The investments in the field of transport are one of the most profitable in the world.
3. Co-ownership of big world transport corporation.
4. Dividends at all stages of development of the company from each kilometer of the built roads in the whole world.
5. Care about the financial future as well as about the family and relatives.
6. Both Sky Way Capital and SkyWay group of companies are under the legal system of Great Britain, with high safety level of the private capital.
7. Factories and test grounds for the development of the string transport system will be built in the countries with high level of governmental protection.
8. The profit even from little investments may be bigger in hundreds or even thousand times.
9. The cost of the shares of SkyWay group of companies will be constantly growing.
10. The raising of funds is executed by means of crowdinvesting thus the profit will be allocated between the shareholders of the company.

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