Bryan Keenen The Legend of Knysna

A painting is not just one painting. There are thousands of little paintings in it.”

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The most important thing is to keep going. Bryan Keenan is Liveing in Knysna and painting in his street studio, open to the public.

One central character that appears in all my paintings is Jock, the little dog that is faithfully sitting next to him, quite used to live his life among people and watch his friend, the painter, doing his daily ratio of work on the canvases that are lined up.

Every time I touch a painting, it progresses. That's I am happy here, he said, in the mall, this is my studio. I am glad to be here, instead of being alone in a closed space somewhere, feeling lonely and forgotten. I can talk here to people, they can see my works and tell me what they think. I can listen and remember or I can forget. I am in the middle of life. I have even music here-pointed he to the stand where volunteer singers are performing on the odd days. It is all nicely organized for me, he said. I don't kniow about other Knysna artists but I am a very happy man.the same with everything. One thing leads to another. At all times, there is the human being is involved