You are the sun, I am the moon...

Hypatia and Benjamin took part in the festivities but kept returning to each other’s company. It was their last evening together before Hypatia would leave for Athens. She filled his plate and fed him figs. He picked a wild rose and put it behind her ear. She leaned against his shoulder when other young men tried to lure her away with invitations to watch the sunset with them. He touched her hair unobtrusively behind her back and drew the smell of it deeply into his nostrils and into his soul. She wiped a crumb from his chin and he caught her hand, pressing it softly against his chest. His eyes rested on her heaving breast and flushed cheeks after a dance while she took in as if with a magnifying glass, his muscled legs and the fluff of reddish hair on his forearms. He pulled her quietly outside behind a pillar and produced a lovely plaited leather armband with beads from his pocket.

‘I made this for you so that you will remember the funny Jewish boy you grew up with when you are in Athens.’

‘It is lovely!’ she exclaimed. ‘Will you tie it for me?’ She held out her wrist. He tied it carefully and proudly while she admired it as they stood with heads together.

‘What makes you think I will ever forget you? You are the sun; I am the moon…kiss me…’ she whispered breathlessly. He gathered her in his arms and their lips touched in a first kiss before a wave of joy and sorrow, happiness and fear, laughter and tears overwhelmed them and they clung desperately to each other, savouring the exquisite moment. He seized her by the hand and they ran off into the dusk.