Vita brevis - life is so short!

Greetings from Floria Aemelia to the Philosopher

I am beset with fear, dear friend. I am afraid of what men of the Church may one day do to women like me. Not just because we are women – since God has created us women. But because we tempt those who are men – as God has created them men. They think God loves eunuchs above those men who love a woman, but God did not create man to castrate himself. I cannot forget what happened in Rome, and I no longer think of myself. For really it was not I upon whom Augustine unleashed his rage that day. It was Eve, the woman. He who wrongs one; threatens many.

I shiver, for I fear the day will come when women like me will be done away with by the men of the Catholic Church. And why will they be done away with? Because they remind them that they have denied their own souls and gifts. And for whom? For a God, they all say; He who created a heaven above and also an earth which actually holds the women who bring them into the world!

Vita brevis, my friend, life is so short!