The Mandorla

‘It’s the autumnal equinox today – one of the two points of the year when day and night are of equal length, but this one is special because there’s a full moon tonight! Meet me at the beach just before sunset.’ Hypatia

 A windswept Benjamin arrived just in time for the great event. He gave her a quick hug and brushed a kiss against her cheek. She was totally engrossed in the rare astronomical event.

‘She’ll be rising over there in just a few minutes, at the zero point of Aries in the east,’ she said pointing at the horizon and then turned in the opposite direction, continuing: ‘and at exactly the same moment the sun will be setting at zero degrees of Libra in the west. For just one rare moment they will balance each other in the sky at twilight; a time when dark is perfectly balanced with light,’ she explained. 

‘The ancients used to say that there’s a sun and a moon inside each of us, and also the stars… have you heard of the Mandorla?’ Hypatia asked.

‘The what…?’

‘The Mandorla.  It is where two circles intersect; the area where two entwining circles overlap. Let me show you,’ she said, noticing his blank face. She flattened a piece of sand and drew two overlapping circles. She pointed at the almond shaped space in the middle. ‘Here, this is the Mandorla. It is an ancient emblem for the coupling of earth and heaven, of spirit and matter, of the female principle and the male.’

‘What is it for?’

‘It can be many things, but I see it as the place where our inner world merges with the outer world. The overlap generally is very thin at first – only a sliver of a new moon, but it is a beginning. As time passes, the greater the overlap, the greater and more complete is the unity. If we do have such a moment of unity, it will be brief, and then we return to the world of duality, but in that process our opposites are created all over again, and a new experience of transformation is required - like two Lovers apart, meeting again…’ she mused.