Britannicus and Alexandrina

A sensual novel set against ancient Alexandria where famous philosopher Hypatia lived and taught, frequently meeting with lover Britannicus

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Cleopatra's Needle This obelisk, twin to its counterpart now in America, remained in Alexandria, Egypt until 1877 when Sir William James Erasmus Wilson sponsored its...
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Hall of the Nine Muses Hypatia walked through the doors of the Museion, nodding absently at the doorman and taking in the magnificent entrance hall with its black and white...
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Vision of Zoë Theon awaited his bride-to-be on the steps of the church with the male members of Penelope’s family and some friends. Dressed in a cream knee-length linen chiton...
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Twin souls forever apart... Soon the majestic view of the harbour and the azure hues of the Mediterranean unfolded before their eyes as they passed through Cleopatra’s Needles,...
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Crossing the Bosphorus Five years has passed since young Cyril has devoted himself to the Church. The zealous reader had become his uncle’s right hand. Under his charge Theophilus...
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Celebrations at Poseidon's Temple Salute! Mazeltov! Plaudite! resounded from passers-by in the streets amongst the happy clonking of horses' hoofs and the tinkling of bells...
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Although Hypatia goes down in history as being a pure maiden and virgin until the very end, I had faint stirrings in me that even though a very pure soul, she was very human. A beautiful and intelligent woman sought after and courted by many; not losing her heart or virginity ever? Improbable… I also feel strongly that she lived according to high morals and would not have had casual relationships with a slave(!) or commoner. There must have been someone during her travels to capture her heart with whom she must have had a most beautiful physical relationship; someone she could not or would not marry but regularly corresponded with and even met up with once or twice. Where would she have met him and what would his profession have been? A poet that stirred her soul with his passionate poetry? An academic with whom she shared her philosophies, perhaps? I have a good feeling about a poet. But he could not be a mere minstrel travelling from city to city. I need a real classy guy here – perhaps a bit of a rouge! Where would he have come from? I don’t feel like Greece, Sparta, Italy, Gaul or Constantinople. Somewhere else in the ancient world that was highly cultured by about 380CE

From my Editor:

Your character might be the Romano-British Poet known by his Roman name Caius Claudius and born in Londinium, a centre of great culture in the Empire. He was more generally known as Britannicus the Bard. He was later employed as minstrel to the court in the entourage of Emperor (initially of Britain) Magnus Maximus (383-388AD) known as Maximillian, Emperor of the West, already mentioned in your text which is interesting.

Maximillian was an Orthodox Christian of Spanish origin. He served with Theodosius in Africa in 373AD and had connections in Alexandria, where his devoted servant, Caius Claudius fell under Hypatia’s spell.

Influenced as ever by the Muse Erato, Caius Claudius composed a series of beautiful verses and songs that he sang to Hypatia to the accompaniment of the lyre. She felt drawn to this stranger from the northern outposts of the Empire and later directed her travels to meet him again while maintaining contact with the passionate poet by letter and messenger.

After the execution of his master in 388, following the entry into Rome of Magnus Maximus, Caius Claudius quietly settled in that city where he maintained contact with the love of his life with the discretion that her position demanded, until her murder.



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    Although Hypatia goes down in history as being a pure maiden and virgin until...

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Author's Notes

Take a look at our most popular Author's Notes.

All Author's Notes

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