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Body Trainer Personal Training provide home-based personalised 1-on-1 or group training sessions to people who want to exercise in the comfort of their homes.

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At Body Trainer Personal Training, we believe that everybody needs and deserves a little help to improve their health, fitness and lifestyle, whether you are starting a new fitness regime or have been working out for a while.  Our aim is to help our clients to attain the results they are working towards through personal programmes created to help them reach both their short- and long-term goals.  This will improve body composition, enhance sport performance through fitness, boot camps, or return to exercise following a sickness or an injury.

We offer a unique home-based personalised one-on-one or group training sessions to our clients in the comfort of their homes or at a venue of their choice, indoors or outdoors.  Our clients experience the difference that a personal training programme can make to their fitness journey.

A fitness programme includes cardio, weight training and flexibility and at Body Trainer Personal Training these different training facets are put together to establish the most effective workout to suite our client's needs.  We provide valuable expertise by discussing their goals, schedules and fitness levels in order to crease a customised workout which is followed through with progression.  Existing exercise routines, corresponding goals, diet & nutrition are also taken into account.

We partner with our clients on their training journey by providing motivation and demanding accountability to bring about real change.  We diagnose what you have not been doing right or lack in and we aim to avoid repetition and boredom with creative variations resulting in fun and refreshing workouts.  We aim to increase our client's workout efficiency by creating dynamic routines that require minimum time, but reaping the maximum benefits form effective workouts.  

Close supervision and constant encouragement are provided, especially for those with conditions who are afraid to exercise, even though their doctor recommends it.  Exercise for these clients is effective, but not overtaxing.

We are fully trained and our services also include fitness testing, guidelines on diet and nutrition, learn to swim classes & boot camps. At Body Trainer Personal Training we not only offer our clients professional and personalised home-based training sessions, but we strive to promote fitness and create an awareness of overall well-being.

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A special word of thanks to Leane & Deon Venter of Beach Villa in Wilderness for the use of their guesthouse:





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