Getting active in online communities is a good way of expanding your blog network. However, you need to expand through the right communities for your business

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If you’ve ever dreamed of running your own blog network but have been put off by the idea of setting it up and managing it you you’re not alone. As someone who has co-founded blog networks I understand the challenges.

It is for that reason that I’m really excited about a brand new service that has just launched - Bloggers 2 Brands Influencer Marketing Cape Town

Bloggers2Brands is great for those looking to develop and optimise their blog, plus learn blogging strategies. It’s slightly different in that it is a forum made up of a loyal user base who are happy to help others.

It is a great source of help and a valuable learning resource for the internet marketing and related industries. You will find that most of the established professionals in these niches are visible on WarriorForum in some way or another, be it to listen to the community, actively participate in discussions, or advertise and promote related products.