Belmont Street entrance

It comes as a surprise to most visitors that Donkin Reserve boasts no less than 10 entrances. Many also interpret this as a sign of true freedom for us all.

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About Donkin entrances,

Welcome to Nelson Mandela BayTourism.

If a relatively small piece of land truly needed 10 entrances then Donkin Reserve deserves the honour. But it was not so a decade ago.  The reserve was in a state of disrepair and the erstwhile green and lush lawns were no more.

With thanks to Nelson Mandela Tourism and other strategic partners the picture looks starkly different today.  Tourists arrive in droves and visitors love what they see.

So when they say we need all those entrances they are in all likelihood correct.

Donkin Reserve is open from sunrise to sunset. While you are there take the opportunity to explore all 10 the other entrances?

 Each access point is a brand new Mandela Bay tourism experience.