Be Blessed Quilting

Be Blessed Quilting. Hand made items made with love to be a blessing to others. Patchwork of quilts, duvets, scatter cushions, sofas, chairs

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Be Blessed Quilting – Caldene Steyns crafty interest creating one of a kind items, spending time in combinding different "patches"of material to form a complete materpiece.

Quilting is the one craft Caldene has found to help her heal her pain and forget the difficulties in life, as no piece of material is to small to add in the bigger item, everything fits nicely together making each item a challenge and thus becoming a part of the quilters heart

Since Caldene have started this new hobby, she have invested loads of time to learn new skills and found out what is trendy from over the world and compare with items available in South Africa.

Caldene is a mother of 4 and would like to give her fellow South Africa people a Truely South Africa product, needed a way to find funds to get this exiting product range off the ground.

Caldene currently works from home and sell items at stalls on expo's, craft markets, feast. However to persuie her dream she need funds to take her business to the next level and help her gain the attention of larger Clients.

Caldene have just completed her first funiture with patchwork and read all about it here. Patchwork Furniture so many clients would be suitable for this type of revamp of reception areas and Caldene awaits her first client in great anticipation.