Road Accident Fund Claims (RAF Claims)

How to claim from the road accident fund

Road Accident Fund Claims (RAF Claims) is a common challenge for many people in South Africa, and more so for people who have been injured in road accidents in South Africa but live outside of South Africa. The Road Accident Fund claim process can be done either directly to the RAF, or with the assistance of an attorney.

The Road Accident Fund South Africa is governed by the road accident fund act, and the road accident fund amendment act.

The complexity of the Road Accident Fund matters in Johannesburg and Pretoria seem to be primarily managed by attorneys who specialise in these claims. Some RAF lawyers of course are better known than others. There are also many road accident fund jobs with these road accident fund attorneys firms.

The other route of claiming directly is possible but is indeed sometimes challenging. This is challenging because of the high turnover of staff at the RAF. There are many dedicated staff members in the management, but the RAF claims handlers themselves, are amongst the highest turnover of staff. Therefore there is a large number of road accident fund vacancies. This in turn may possibly result in some direct claims files lying in some box, somewhere because it simply has not been allocated. Of course, the claim will be dealt with at some stage, but just not with extreme urgency.

Due to the number of people injured in the road accidents on the South African roads, there is always a large amount of people who want to, and in many cases need to claims from the RAF.

The main aspect to begin the claims is having the road accident fund claim forms. These forms can be obtained from the RAF website or from an attorney.

The most critical aspects of the claims from the Road Accident Fund are the following: RAF Form 1 RAF Form 4 completed, together with the medical expert reports.

The RAF Form 1 is to be completed by the facility that treated you or the person claiming from the RAF.

The RAF Form 4 is to be completed by a medical expert who is also an Independent Medical Examiner. Dr Terrence Kommal, the CEO of Ayush Healthcare, is one such internationally Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner. He is also amongst the less than 300 such Board certified experts in Southern Africa. He also has post graduate course in Medical Law, Forensic Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence. Dr Terrence Kommal specialises in only medico-legal assessments and therefore is commonly called the Medical Expert. He and his expert panel have completed thousands of medico-legal assessments for both Road accident fund attorneys as well as for the Road accident fund itself.

The RAF Form 4, is vital to the claim, because it is the final document that is used to qualify and quantify a claim to its seriousness. Therefore having dedicated experts like Dr Terrence Kommal, is so vital.

There is sometimes also a need to get the opinions of other experts like neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons, occupational therapists ,etc., and Ayush Healthcare Medical Experts, specialises in insourcing all these expert assessments to their own medical expert panel, to complete all the assessments within the least possible time.

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