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Aerial Touch Photography CC is proud to assist you with professional, affordable, low altitude, high quality aerial photos of your property.

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Touching Base:

Historically to get an aerial photo, one had to go through great lengths and subsequently huge cost in not only using services from a photographer, but also needed a platform e.g. helicopter, aeroplane or similar. A vision to make aerial photographs affordable and only a phone call away, we started in 2008 developing and incorporating RC Helicopters for this purpose. Since then, we have only gone from strength to strength and currently proud of photos in brochures, websites, advertising boards, newspapers and even world renowned magazines as in Complete Golfer and Golfer Digest.

Why use RC Helicopters:

- Can manoeuvre where traditional larger aircraft cannot. - Can fly over difficult terrain like water, rivers, bushes and hard-to-get to places. - Can hover accurately on target capturing images from a variety of angles and heights. - Low noise level in suburbia areas. - Time and cost effective.

Low level aerial photos are ideal for:

- Real Estate. - Civil and Construction. - Lodge’s and Hotels. - Golf Courses. - Insurance claims. - Sport and events. - General Photography. - And so much more…

Please feel free to browse our gallery and attached info pages. We have series of affordable packages and custom price structures available that make it affordable for all. With this we are looking forward in meeting you and shoot that photo you need.

Michael Greeff (Owner)

How did it all start:

Aerial Touch Photography CC was founded by Michael Greeff, an accountant (CFA) by trade that held financial management positions at SACC, Pezula Club Ltd and Fancourt Hotel and Golf. Started out as a hobby, driven by his love for flight and photography, now a viable and growing business (for accounting services, please see page “Accounting Services”).

As any new idea, it had to be developed from the ground up. Firstly needed to learn how to fly the RC Helicopter and master the most difficult helicopter flight of all, hovering! Once done, after a series of professional lessons (especially regarding safety) and practise, the correct platform needed to be built from the ground up. After months of research, we imported a high resolution camera that produces top quality photographs, custom adopted to be carried by the RC Helicopters. Together with a series of photography courses we finally felt confident to enter the market place. Well, what a feeling seeing that first aerial we took…

The rest is history, as we found spare time, we took aerials for guest houses, estate agents, golf courses and many others, and now currently, together with the accounting service, is a full time business.


Aerial Touch Photography CC currently consists of two helicopters: electric for smaller shoots (especially in build up areas) and a 26CC gasser helicopter, capable of more weight carry, higher and longer flight used in open areas (farms, developments etc). Our camera is a high resolution digital (SLR like) camera, imported for this specific function.

Most shoots are done by at least two people, pilot and photographer (also spotter). On the smaller electric helicopter we have a fixed mount, angled beforehand after planning the height and position of the desired shot. The bigger gasser helicopter carries a full 360 degree rotating camera mount operated by the photographer. It also carries a downlink system for him to see what the camera sees in order get your desired shot every time.

The final product is handed over to the client in the form of a personalized cd/disk, email or prints (this is determined before the shoot, simply because the client knows what he or she will be using it for).

Our Family of customers in the Garden Route:

Aerial photos for advertising, making a new web site, or just plain "Look what my house looks from the air!", we have made friends each step of the way. We are proud to have been associated with the following supporting clients:

- Pam Golding (Knysna) - De Huizemark - Lake Pleasant Resort - Earls Court Lifestyle Estate (George) - Abalone Lodge (Knysna) - Sea Side Chalets - Pezula Properties - Pezula Club Ltd - Pinelake Marine - Nauticus Place (Brenton on Sea) - Voigro Investments 24CC - Kanonkop Boutique House - Pelican Lodge - Abelheim Lee-Duncan (Pty) Ltd - Circle Developers - F.C.M. Properies - Turfworx - Lake Pleasant Chalets and Lodges - Parish Homes - Brenton on Sea Cottages

Please feel free to use any as reference if needed.

Area we cover:

We are able to travel anywhere in the Western and Eastern Cape. Currently we are exploring contracts and then permanent franchise in the Cape Town area. Will keep you up to date!


In addition, please contact us for all your bookkeeping requirements with more than 12 years experience in Garden Route. Services include:

Monthly/yearly Financial bookkeeping. Ready for audit and financial statements. Specialising in internal control. Budgeting. Cashflow forecast. Salaries. V.A.T etc. Statutory registrations. Small, medium and large business.

Please contact Michael Greeff on 082 9723 279 or E-mail: